'I cannot recommend Lucy highly enough. Lucy understands the intricacies of each channel that you could wish to enter as a food brand, including successfully pitching to buyers, activating your brand within a channel and successfully developing an account. Lucy is fantastic at building a flexible strategy with you, including utilising her fantastic array of contacts in the industry, which can fast-track breaking into a channel.'

Daniel Papazachariou, Sales Manager, Aduna


'Lucy has been helping us develop strategies to improve pitching and selling into larger grocers. She’s focused, thorough, easy to work with, astonishingly fast and responsive and best of all absolutely lovely. Everyone could use a bit of help from Lucy whether it’s from developing media plans to tweaking and nailing pitch decks and methods.'

Ed Smith, Co-founder, Doisy & Dam


'Waitrose was our first supermarket listing. Lucy eased this daunting 'step up' to grocery sales by helping us review the marketing and promotion options against our brand objectives and build a plan which suited our budget. Lucy's past experience with Cuckoo in Waitrose provided invaluable insight.'

Joe Harper, Co-founder, Just Bee 


'Lucy has deep and relevant knowledge of food retail which allows her to consult so efficiently for a start-up company like mine. She doesn’t just do things for you, but she explains why and how she is doing them which is the most useful thing as you can then learn to do it for yourself the next time.'

Olivia Wollenberg, Founder, Livia’s Kitchen


'Lucy just gets it. She knows from experience the priorities of the different retailers. She knows when and how to approach the buyers and most importantly she knew how to share that knowledge and adapt it to our specific needs.'

Felix Tanzer, Founder, J.F Rabbit's


'I have been in sales for over 10 years and have learnt a hell of a lot I didn't know about selling in the last couple of months since being mentored by Lucy, who is extremely knowledgable as well as personable.

Lucy worked with me to build on and then simplify my sales presentation and has really helped with everything from the initial buyer approach all the way to filling out supplier forms. Since meeting Lucy our product range has been listed in Whole Foods and I'm confident more big accounts are imminent as a result of her mentorship.'

Jodie Cavendish, Sales Manager, Positivitea

'We absolutely love working with Lucy.  She has very quickly become an extension of our team with her passion and enthusiasm for the brand.  Her strategic approach and advice on how to grow our business has been extremely valuable and we believe her input is going to drive the growth of our business, whilst remaining true to our brand and the way we work.  She is incredibly supportive, positive and we feel that she really understands our needs as a business and as brand owners.'

Sophie & Gracie Tyrrell, Founders of Squirrel Sisters


'Lucy has brought incredible insight, professionalism and experience to help take the olives to the next level. She is a true Food and Drink Guru and you don't want to miss out on her!'

Olly Hiscocks, Founder, Olly's Olives